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Revitalize your lifestyle with a new approach to relaxation, entertainment and recreation, all with the installation of a Cal Spas hot tub. At Cal Spas, we have a wide selection of hot tubs for sale for you to choose from. Our philosophy at Cal Spas extends beyond believing that a spa is a good addition to a backyard. The yard is one of the most important parts of the home, and it should be a haven for relaxation and entertainment. Check out our new hot tub models and our premier selection of hot tubs and spas for sale.

We will be in this together to make you more than satisfied!


Our Approach

We start with an initial consultation of what you dream about, on the use of the pool and its meaning, and then we build together options and features such as the best layout and position.

Your vision is our goal, and we will do all that we can to achieve your dream. From start to finish we take care of it all. You will be in good hands, as you will have one person that will manage your project entirely.

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Pool Construction


Steel and plumbing installation


Exc Installation of the Concrete Shellavation

Tile and Coping

Electric and Bonding hook up


Hardscape Installation

Interior Finish Application and Water

Start Up

We will stand by you throughout the whole process!

Sample Pool Project In Stages